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Rapid Drug Detox Centers

Rapid Drug Detox

Are you looking for rapid drug detox centers to help you recover fast?

Rapid drug detox centers provide opiate detox under extreme conditions that require anesthesia and a series of drugs that help the individual to rapidly overcome physical dependence on the drugs while being under a medical induced coma. This type of drug detox is risky and dangerous for the addict because the rapid detox process requires the body to go through all of the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate detox in a matter of 4-48 hours rather than days, weeks or even months.

Rapid detox centers are not a suitable choice for everyone. During the rapid detox process, the patient experiences extreme physical stress and withdrawal symptoms but they do not realize any of this is happening because they are in a medically induced coma. Upon waking up from the detox process, the addict is usually rather sick feeling and tired. This may last several days and in most cases, bed rest is required to assure a full recovery. Age, health conditions and other factors should all be thoroughly considered prior to deciding to take part in any rapid detox program.

Rapid Drug Detox Risks

There are many inherent risks of rapid drug detox, especially because of the need for the addict to be placed under anesthesia during the detox process which can last anywhere from 4 hours to 48 hours. Risks and dangers associated with rapid drug detox include:

  • Extreme stress of the body, especially on the heart
  • Unpredictable reaction to anesthesia
  • Withdrawal not completed during the inpatient detox and further detox is required

The most extreme danger of any rapid detox center is that the patient may die as a result of the detox process. Unfortunately, rapid detox centers largely promote the ability for addicts to detox in this environment and then smoothly transition from full blown opiate addict to drug free without the need for any further treatment. This couldn’t be more wrong! A successful detox program is only the first step to any drug addiction treatment process and should never be seen as a means to an end.

What Researchers Say About Rapid Drug Detox

Rapid drug detox is also known as anesthesia assisted detoxification or rapid opiate detox. Unfortunately, researchers are saying that rapid drug detox is too risky, does not have the inherent benefits that such detox has been acclaimed of having and in fact should not be used as a form of drug detox at all.

Rapid drug detox has been found to be no more effective than a traditional drug detox program and may even be less effective. Additionally, rapid drug detox is highly costly and highly risky business. Under the wrong conditions, rapid drug detox could result in long term consequences and dangers to the patient that could result in death. In the majority of cases, those who undergo a rapid detox program still suffer from pain, anxiety, depression, digestive problems, and various other opiate withdrawal symptoms days after the completion of a rapid opiate detox.