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Inpatient Drug Detox Centers

Inpatient Drug Detox Centers

Inpatient drug detox centers can help you overcome your drug addiction.

Inpatient drug detox centers provide a safe place for addicts to overcome the physical dependence on drugs in an environment where they do not have to worry about anything except for getting well. Inpatient drug detox centers differ from outpatient drug detox centers in that they provide around the clock monitoring and medical supervision. The addict lives at the drug detox center for the duration of the inpatient drug detox program which is usually about a week. Many inpatient drug detox centers are combined with inpatient drug treatment centers to provide a comprehensive approach to drug addiction treatment.

Most inpatient drug detox centers are located at inpatient drug rehab centers, treatment centers or facilities that provide dual diagnosis treatment. Inpatient drug detox centers provide constant medical attention for the addict and in the event that withdrawal symptoms become a danger to the individual medical intervention can quickly be taken to assure the safety of the individual during the drug detox process.

Benefits of Inpatient Drug Detox Centers

There are many benefits to inpatient drug detox centers. In addition to the constant medical monitoring and supervision that is provided at inpatient drug detox centers, addicts are also offered a place to live during the drug detox process which assures that they do not have access to drugs during the detoxification process. The lack of availability to drugs can greatly reduce the likelihood of an addict relapsing during the drug detox program.

Another benefit to inpatient drug detox centers is that since they are most often located in a treatment facility the addict can smoothly transition from the detox program to the long term treatment program. Inpatient drug detox centers provide continued care for addicts during and after the drug detox process. Further, inpatient drug detox centers are staffed with nurses and physicians that are trained in addiction medication and the treatment of drug addiction which assures the safety and comfort of the addict during the drug detoxification process.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Inpatient Drug Detox Centers

If you are considering inpatient drug detox for yourself or a loved one you should pay close attention to the following factors before making your final decision:

  • Where is the inpatient drug detox center located? (stand alone or part of a treatment facility)
  • What type of detox programs are offered at the inpatient detox center? (holistic, natural, medication)
  • Are medical services provided at the inpatient drug detox center? Which medical services are offered?
  • Is the inpatient drug detox center within my budget?
  • Do they accept insurance?
  • What is the success rate of patients who have completed the inpatient drug detox program?