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Outpatient Drug Detox Centers

Outpatient Drug Detox

Outpatient drug detox can be your ticket to a successful recovery.

Outpatient drug detox centers provide addicts with various drug detoxification services and programs on an outpatient basis in which the patient comes in for necessary monitoring and treatment on a daily, weekly or monthly basis but does not live at the detox facility. Outpatient drug detox centers are most often the choice of those who understand that they need the assistance or supervision of a doctor during the drug detox process but who cannot afford the time or money that is required to attend an inpatient detox center program.

When the physical strongholds of addiction result in serious withdrawal symptoms that are too painful for an individual to cope with on their own, outpatient drug detox centers can provide a unique level of support and care at an affordable cost that is suitable for most budgets. Outpatient drug detox centers can help individuals safely detox from drugs and prepare for acceptance into a long term drug treatment program.

Services Provided by Outpatient Drug Detox Centers

Most of the same services that are provided at inpatient drug detox centers are also provided at outpatient drug detox centers with the primary exclusion of a place for the addict to live during the drug detox process. Outpatient drug detox centers offer:

  • Pre-withdrawal medical evaluation that attempts to determine the level of addiction and the extent of withdrawal symptoms to be treated in the near future
  • Prescription medication administration
  • Medical monitoring and support
  • Phone support with a doctor or nurse during the drug detox process

Disadvantages of Outpatient Drug Detox Centers

While there are many advantages to outpatient drug detox centers, this type of detoxification program is not for everyone. Outpatient drug detox centers are not usually suitable for those who severe addictions or those who have already tried to detox on their own before and have failed. The less supervised approach to drug detox that is provided by outpatient detox centers is not always enough support and medical guidance for all addicts to successfully complete the program.

Unfortunately, some drug addictions result in severe physical withdrawal symptoms that are not safe for treatment at home or without proper medical supervision around the clock. Sometimes a person who is withdrawing from drugs (especially opiates) becomes so sick that they are unable to drive themselves to the hospital or a clinic for treatment which can be extremely dangerous for the addict. For this reason, it is recommended that you never undergo outpatient drug detox alone.

Some withdrawal symptoms associated with drug detox can present adverse psychological reactions that result in the addict becoming a danger to themselves or to others. Unfortunately, when an addict is detoxing in an outpatient drug detox program, the adverse psychological side effects may go unnoticed and this can result in undue harm to the addict or to someone else if the side effects become so severe that the individual hurts themselves or somebody else. This is another danger to the outpatient drug detox process.

Who Benefits from Outpatient Drug Detox Centers?

An individual who suffers from a minor addiction or who is very strong willed to complete the drug detox process can greatly benefit from outpatient drug detox. Outpatient drug detox is generally less costly than inpatient drug detox making this an excellent option for someone who otherwise would not be able to afford drug detox.

Sometimes, people have strict work or school related responsibilities that prevent them from being able to be away for the 5-7 days that an inpatient drug detox program takes to complete. These people will also benefit greatly from an outpatient drug detox program. Parents who have small children or who are the sole provider for the families can also benefit from outpatient drug detox centers and the slack that is given in terms of monitoring and supervision.