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Drug Detox Programs

Drug Detox Program

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Various drug detox programs exists to help individuals overcome physical dependence on drugs and prepare for entrance into a drug treatment facility. Drug detox is the process of eliminating harmful toxins from the body in order to overcome physical dependence on drugs. This is a very vital first step to any drug addiction treatment program.

Drug detox programs provide a range of detox services that will aid the addict in completely overcoming physical addiction to drugs preparing them for long term treatment for the psychological components of drug addiction. The most common types of drug detox programs include:

  • Free drug detox programs
  • Herbal drug detox programs
  • Holistic drug detox programs

Each of these programs offers a unique blend of addiction treatment that will help the addict to cope with the pains and discomforts of drug detox while providing oversight to assure that the addict is safe during the detoxification process. Many drug detox programs use natural methods of cleansing the body while others offer quick or affordable options for detoxification. Each drug detox program is aimed at helping addicts to make it through the difficult to handle withdrawal period so that they can begin to receive treatment for psychological aspects associated with their addiction.

Free Drug Detox Programs

Free drug detox programs offer various affordable options for addicts. Individuals who cannot afford the high cost of drug treatment or drug detox services and who do not have insurance coverage can benefit greatly from the range of drug detox services provided by free drug detox programs.

Herbal Drug Detox Programs

Herbal drug detox programs use a natural approach to detoxification that does not include the use of synthetic chemicals or drugs. The detoxification process at herbal drug detox programs includes a combination of various herbal remedies that come together to help the individual cleanse toxins from their body, cope with withdrawal symptoms and effectively overcome physical dependence.

Holistic Drug Detox Programs

Holistic drug detox programs view the addiction as a problem that encompasses the whole body. Taking a whole body approach to addiction, the holistic drug detoxification process usually incorporates methods of healing the mind, body and spirit. Various treatment methods including medications, spiritual guidance, yoga, exercise, nutrition and medical intervention come together to create a holistic detox program.