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Holistic Drug Detox Programs

Holistic Drug Detox

Holistic drug detox programs help you has a person just treat your addiction.

Generally, holistic drug detox programs treat the individual as a whole person rather than just an individual with an addiction. Holistic drug detox programs recognize the need to treat the mind, body and soul of the individual in order to help them effectively overcome physical withdrawal symptoms and remain drug free. While the actual term “holistic” may be used in a number of ways in most cases holistic detox programs offer treatment that takes a whole body approach.

Although holistic detox programs are relatively new in concept, they have been found to be a very effective means of helping individuals to overcome physical dependence on drugs and prepare for further addiction treatment. Holistic drug detox programs are becoming increasingly popular due largely in part to their effectiveness.

Holistic Drug Detox Programs Promote Whole Body Healing

The most profound difference of holistic detox programs versus traditional detox programs is that holistic detox programs view the individual as a whole. They may have a disease (addiction) but that is not the only factor that must be considered in creating an effective treatment plan. Holistic detox programs develop treatment plans that work to heal the mind, body and spirit from addiction rather than just focus on eliminating physical withdrawal symptoms.

Effective holistic drug detox programs utilize a combination of remedies that may be natural or medication based as well as various therapies and treatment modalities such as counseling, spiritual exercises and faith based programs. The holistic detox approach believes that the individual must not only heal themselves physically but also mentally and spiritually in order to be strong enough to remain committed to their own sobriety.

Services Provided at Holistic Detox Programs

Various services may be provided at holistic detox programs to help individuals heal spiritually, physically and emotionally. Any combination of the following services may be found at holistic detox centers:

  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Tai-chi
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Massage
  • Meditation
  • Art therapy

In addition to the above services, many holistic detox programs offer integrative medicine. Taking an integrative approach to the treatment of addicts helps by offering a new outlook on addiction and the various physical aspects as well as psychological aspects of addiction. Combined, the whol body approach to the detoxification process is what makes holistic detox programs set apart from other more traditional treatment options.