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Drug Detox Medications

Drug Detox Treatment Medications

Drug detox medications can help break your addiction.

When an addict abruptly stops using drugs they are likely to fall victim to a whole new world of withdrawal symptoms that require medication. Various medications are offered during drug detox in an effort to keep the addict comfortable, help them overcome physical dependence on drugs and even reverse the effects of drug use. Prescription drug addiction and addiction to opiates such as heroin most often require a series of medications during the drug detox process to assure the safety and comfort of the individual but many other drug detox programs also incorporate medications into the program for the comfort and safety of the addict.

Drug Detox Medications for Anxiety

Anxiety is a very common side effect of drug detox but there are a range of medications that can be administered to the addict to help alleviate the anxiety. In rare cases, anxiety can be so severe that psychosis may result so it is especially important that anxiety be treated early on in the drug detox process. The most common drug detox medications that are used to treat anxiety include Clonazepam which is found in Klonopin, Valium, and Xanax. All of these medications work to alleviate panic disorders but Klonopin is also helpful at treating many seizure disorders that may result when an individual is detoxing from drugs.

Drug Detox Medications for Convulsions

One of the most dangerous conditions or side effects of drug detox is convulsions. When an addict abruptly stops using drugs they may face seizures or convulsions that must be treated with appropriate medication. Buprenophex is one medication that is commonly used to help ease discomforts and prevent convulsions. Addicts are most likely to experience convulsive action during the first week following drug detox but with the help of certain drug detox medications such as buprenophex the chance of these symptoms occurring can be greatly minimized.

Drug Detox Medications for Opiate Addictions

One of the most common addictions to be combated with drug detox medications is opiate addictions. Addiction to heroin, prescription painkillers such as Percocet or Morphine must be treated with certain drug detox medications to assure that the addict safely overcomes the physical withdrawal process. The most common drug detox medications that are used to treat opiate addiction include Methadone and Suboxone.

Methadone is used to substitute opiates and is actually an opiate itself that is highly addictive. For this reason, addicts should take Methadone or take part in any Methadone drug detox process with care. While an addict is trying to detox from opiates they can take Methadone to alleviate many of the withdrawal effects. It works because the body still thinks it is getting the opiate even though it is not. It’s important to ween one self off of the Methadone in order to prevent an addiction from occurring.

Suboxone is a relatively new type of medication that is used during drug detox. Like Methadone, the addict must ween themselves off of the Suboxone in order to prevent further addiction form occurring. Suboxone is a mixture of buprenorphine and naloxone which works on a time release method that will help the addict overcome the urge to use opiates while also alleviating physical withdrawal symptoms.

As with any medications, it’s important to speak with a doctor or specialist prior to taking any type of drug detox medications.